What does it really mean?

eye contact.

is eye contact for a while when not talking really a sign?

lets say you really hurt someone, getting them to look you in the eyes like that mean something right?

what do you think eye contact really means?


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  • eye contact is weird, just the words alone, are weird to say, I dk y, they just are

    the way I feel about eye contact is yeah you could say a lot through just the eyes, if you believe in that kind of thing, but I don't think it defines whether you like that person or not, it just shows that you're physically attractive. if you want to see if you're interested, talk to them, ya know?

    and as far as eye contact when you're talking to them goes...the best thing to do is try to look at their nose, I know, sounds funny right?, well some people (like me) just don't like to be stared right directly in the eye, its almost kind of intimidating, like I need to put my guard up, if you like at my nose, ill know I can put my guard down (that or I have a booger, haha, just making a funny here) yeah, I just hope she gets the impression I like her since I'm not staring directly in her eyes

    oh and as a precaution, look away a lot, sometimes direct contact can get a little intense, kinda like looking at a computer screen for 8 hours or so... (I should know, my mom is going back to college cause her job had her in front of a computer 8 hours a day)

    • Ohh well when me and him make eye contact its always direct. I think its good since I know I really hurt him six months ago, and now were making eye contact even when we aren't talking. since he's able to look me in the eyes and I'm trying to get him back id say its good. were also closer than ever since the breakup.

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