Is wearing an all black outfit smart for humid weather?

It's going to be super humid next few days with a few showers. I was thinking about wearing a black shirt with black skirt, black sandals, and black bag. Also when I sweat, it shows through back of my shirt. How can I prevent this?


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  • -To prevent sweating I usually carry a very cold beverage with me.

    -I sometimes even put powder in certain areas (where I know I sweat the most) so it will absorb.

    -I also try to stay in an air conditioned area for has long as possible.

    -Carry a dry rag with you and wipe the sweat from those areas.

    -Try not to tak too fast (take your time).

    I sometimes love wearing black in the Summer time. Its not the smartest thing to wear (because black attracts heat). But sometimes I just love wearing an outfit no matter the color or the weather. Wear the color you like and enjoy! Just try to follow some of the tips I have provided. I hope they are helpful.


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  • A fellow New Yorker, are you by any chance? :-) I'm hating this humidity and this rain.

    An all-black outfit in the summer? It really depends. If your sandals are the shiny kind and the skirt is short and you are on a slim side, you may pull this off esp. in the evenings. Black or weird color nail polish may help. Otherwise wherever you go, people will assume you work there.

    • New Yorker I am! It sucks that it's been raining allll month! Well, it's a BBQ and I wanted to wear a white shirt but I feel like that won't be a good idea with chance of raiiin. I'm NOT on the slim side, but I'm not fat. I do have nice legs though? Skirt is black and white and short. It's an all day BBQ. Is that still a bad idea?

    • No, I think it can work. An all-day BBQ sounds like a fun time, but I find it hard at times to eat fewer ribs than what I have :-)

    • Yay thank you! BBQ's are so much fun. I find it hard to eat fewer foods regardless, especially when someone is constantly offering you free hot-dogs and burgers. yum!

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  • If you are going to be outside a lot then it's not a very good idea because the color black attracts sunlight so you will be very hot. It's a great color to wear though as long as you don't spend a lot of time outdoors and if you make sure not to wear all black. Like if you wear it, make sure you pair it with some other color so you don't look bland.