WHat would you think if you saw me?

I work out regularly but I also enjoy life so I am not thin, I am not fat either, I'm kinda medium sized/normal girl. I have hips and butt and boobs and a bit of tummy, but I dress appropriately so it's not visible/loose clothing, and do my thing.

If you saw me around the gym frequently would you think I'm fit or fat and trying to lose weight or weird? I always feel like I may be out of place so focused like I know what I'm doing and doing all these different machines, yet not super buff...I'm self concious


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  • you care way too much of what people think of you. focus on a goal and achieve it. its the greatest feeling ever. makes life worth living. seeking praise from others is only fleeting at best.


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  • How the heck are we suppose to tell all this just from words? If you want serious and accurate answers than put a picture up or something.