Why is some attractive girls can say what they like some guys take it and no say word

why some good looking guys take being called names by attractive girls OK even when its only messing and not blink eye .but when less attractive girl talk to same guy and is nice is then verbal abused by same guy but he mean to her but he doesn't like her no reason at all but yet good looking girl call the guy a**hole he not notice at all .yet other girl gets verbal abused and attacked that's make no sence

i don't understand this behavior it makes no sence these 2 sistucation it dual standard by this guy

can any one explain plleas explain I am confused


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  • I think the problem here is that this user's native language isn't English.

    But I understand your question.

    Obviously a heartless guy will suck up to attractive girl and bash a unattractive girl. The unattractive girl has nothing he wants so if he's a really horrible individual he won't care if he hurts the unattractive girl's feelings. Also sometimes the girl can think she's coming off as nice and kind but to the guy it will come across as annoying because he has no interest in her being in his life and just wants her to get away from him, even if she is being nice.

    Not all guys are like this though...just the really bad ones.

    • i think you right all counts you make very good points .its not fair it really isn't ,what type of personality does this guy have at all

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  • can you rephrase the question, please

    • i can't it complex question it phase that way becasue it complex I can't uncomplex some thing that is complex re read use you brain

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    • Some people don't get along with other people. Regardless how long they've know them. Get over it.

    • not what I need .stop telling me get over it OK I said this before

  • Ehh, I don't get it either...

    • reread its mean to be complex please reread its not meant to be simple question .REREAD IT

    • I have read through it several times, but your structure is coco for coco puffs.

    • the attractive girl he like called him a**hole he takes no notice

      less attractive girl is nice to him and same guy get verbal abuse towards the less attractive girl for no reason only being nice to him he does not like her for no real reason

      how is that . why does guy take be called names by attractive girl and take no notice but less attractive get abuse for no reason

      how is that like I said ITS COMPLEX !

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  • Get over it. Sorry but all your posts are the same. You know it's not right for guys to be treating you like this but you let yourself be victimised and effected so greatly by it. Stand up for yourself and don't hang around these idiots.

    • thanks but I don't need kind of stuff you give me either.i am trying understand OK I am not like that

      so stop telling me give over it its not right to say .you might be like that I am not ok.

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    • There are a lot of people who don't care about the exclusivity of relationships and some are willing cheaters. Also it might be a game to him, maybe he's a player trying to get what he wants only to dump them after (the jerk guy)

    • yeah you have point he doesn't care about any one feelings but his own and no one eles