What do you think about Latin tattoos/my tattoo idea?

I don't want people to be like why would you get a latin tattoo if you don't speak Latin blah blah... Yes I care what people would think of my tattoo because I'm doing it for design on my body for people to see. I want alis volat propris tiny script on my shoulder which means "she flies by her own wings" I've liked it for years. I've always been independent, a free thinker - and an an atheist. I feel wings are a godly heavenly angelic religious symbol and this phrase means to me I don't need that because I can fly by my own wings. What do you think?


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  • It's actually not an overly original quote for a tattoo but if you like it then get it. Personally I think you should work with a tattoo artist to create a design that reflects you and not hop on the overused quote bandwagon.