Tattoos on the back of the neck/very high back on a girl . Thoughts?

Ok so I already have one on my ribs to my hip and wrist, on my hand and inside my lip only the one on my wrist is visable cause the rib one is blacklight ink as well as the hand one. I was thinking of a a key with the top part being a heart with a bow. link

but with out the wording in it and more shading so that it looks a bit more vintage. Maby under it put like something . How would that look? Would it hurt more than ribs? and ideas on design?


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  • My sister and I both have tattoos on the back of our necks and they look great. It's all about the artist and the placement. It's a really cute tattoo and seems like it would it really well on the back of a neck. I don't think there's any placement on a girl that is ugly. It's all about the design itself. Your idea is feminine enough that it could go anywhere


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  • Neck tattoos are a big ?

    • but would that look OK on a chick? Don't see many girls with tattoos on the back of their neck

    • Unless it's a super cool tattoo I'd say not. I've seen some teensy ones behind the ear that look good...

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