Any hairdressers out there? I need help with this ombre hair.....

I have been cutting and dyeing my hair for 10 years, I understand it the best, however I want to go FROM this hair color: link

TO an ombre color like this: link

I've never gone from red to blond before, and I'm concerned my hair will come out super brassy and yellow. I want to stay in the ash color family since it suits my skin tone, therefore I don't want a golden blond color, I want more of a dusty/white color at the tips...

Can anyone recommend a hairdye brand, or even a boxed loreal color they have used that will take my VERY red hair and make it a LIGHT ash blond with no more redness or yellowness?

PS...i do not have the money to go to a salon and I enjoy learning from my mistakes:)


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  • L'oreal works pretty well and has done wonders..