(guys) or girls what is your take on ugly ducklying syndrome?

Tell me your experiences with UDS or if its someone you know about theirs. Is there really such a thing? And if there is do find these type people mainly girls who go through this, are much prettier and nicer? Guys have you went to school with a girl you didn't find attractive and later turned out really pretty?


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  • I was ugly when I was a kid and I turned out pretty good. Middle school and early high school was terrible.

    • Haha same here I was so awkward and now I'm getting a lot of attention I'm not used to. I get so uncomfortable and get self conscious I guess going through that stage never really goes away unless your truly confident in yourself.

    • I was super shy growing up because I felt I was ugly and I hated even having to stand up in front of the class for presentations. I'm still a quiet person but it's nothing like back then. I got -zero- female attention growing up and now there's so much more and life feels so much happier.

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