Why don't guys call girls "pretty" or "beautiful" ?

how come girls can call each other pretty but guys can't compliment them?

the guy I used to like told this other girl who is a mutual friend that she is good looking, and she should date his friend (he was trying to set them up) why didn't he ever tell me I'm pretty or something even though I know he liked me? he called me "cute" once and that was it.

so why don't guys compliment girls more often?


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  • something to do with men, emotions, talking to girls and complimenting them in front of people or even not = anxiety/fear/etc., might send out the wrong message(ughh..hate when that happens), gentlemen are very rare to find these days, now its just hipster college students or rappers and jocks and nerds... its a different way of life now but if you find a gentlemen than lucky you :) I guess its a emotion thing and guys aren't very good at expressing that...

    • But why did this guy tell our friend she's "good looking" in front of me? was it because he's not afraid or has that anxiety fear because he's setting her up with his friend? not for himself...

    • Well "good looking" isn't exactly the "best" compliment you can give to a girl when a guy says that its like stating a fact

      "well ur good looking so you can probably get a job easier than some ugly guy" or you know what I'm saying

      it isn't the same as if I told you

      "You are beautiful and smart.. who wouldn't want to hire you?" different connotations you see

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  • Well usually the guy likes using the word "hot" which is fine but it shows no form of elegance or sincerity because it's used so often. I think guys should tell girls they're pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. Problem is, a lot of guys don't have the confidence they need to be able to tell these girls this!

  • Some guys are afraid of showing emotions around girls. The is a big difference between calling a girl hot and beautiful.

  • umm depends on the guy. If you're beautiful and I like you, I will tell you when the time is right. I have no problem showing affection when it is needed! :D


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