Really pretty face but slightly chubby body?

By slightly chubby : I mean she would be PERFECT hourglass , thick and curvy in the right places but toned everywhere else IF she lost 20 pounds .

And by really pretty : Super cute smile , exotic features ( just an amazing face )

So if a girl is like that ( she is also planning on losing weight )

How attractive is she on a scale of one to 10 , and if you really liked her personality , would you date her ?

Its close I guess , but its not exactly what I'm describing lol


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  • Looks really good to me. I like a lot of different body types. It would be pretty difficult to not be one of them.

    • So you like the body type in the pic ?

    • Yes

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  • 7 or 8

    No one is perfect, she's aspiring to improve but already seems to be fit if we're talking hourglass figure. If she wears clothes that highlight her best features and has a cute face? Yeah, sure why not.

  • on a scale of 10 she's a perfect 10 to me :)

    i LOVE cute chubby girls (not fat tho)

    but I need to see some pics

    • You are a minority for liking chubby lol

      and I will try to come up with pictures

  • I need to see a picture for that.

  • Easily.

    • RE: Update - She's cute enough, but she's more than 20lbs away from being perfectly hourglass.

      I'd still date a girl with that body type, provided she could keep up with me.

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