To girls who cover wearing hijab?

When did you first start wearing it, was it your own choice or were you influenced ? and why did you start wearing it ?


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  • I startec wearing the hijab at the age of 10. It was partially my choice but I was also influenced by other girls in my area. They seemed so happy wearing whatever they wanted without being judged by others. But they also seemed strong because they faced the daily side comments like "A mini skirt will suit you better" without breaking down because they always looked on the birhgt side. I started wearing it because I didn't really feel "Complete" in some way. When I started wearing it, I felt like a whole new person =]

    • thats true, I feel more confident and stronger with it on actually :)

    • That's good because some people wouldn't expect that because they think were opressed with it and other nonsense..

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  • It's a pretty backwards mentality when you think about it

    In the qu'ran it says for women to cover their hair and breasts so they don't get molested

    This just dismisses the issue of a male being enticed and being the molester

    and instead of teaching men it treats the woman as having to constantly bear the blame

    and cover up

    sexuality should be about how you think

    and not what you wear

    (I don't think less of Muslim women for it, just the religion/culture that enforces it)

    • but what you see is more of the womens side I guess since its more around and visible. Men also are required to dress modestly and there are rules for both men and women.. maybe think of it in an opposite way , covering up something because it is precious, like putting diamonds in a cloth to keep it safe. women are precious :)

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    • men are allowed

      and women are not

      I'm not saying Islam is the worst thing for women

      but it's not the best or most equal

      Western society is

      as more rights and certain types of clothing aren't obligatory,

    • oki dokes :)

  • So did you find the answers you were looking for? =)

  • Can girls who answer this question, answer this one for me? It is related. link

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    • ill try to .. mite get the answer tomorrow since I'm so tired and have 2 get up for work 2morro :) ..

    • Okay, no problem. Thanks again.

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  • i wear the hijab since I was 16 years old , it was my choice because I am a Muslim and as a Muslim I must do what Allah told me to do

    also because when I was young like 7 years old whenever I see my Mom wearing the hijab I was like ""waw she is so pretty with hijab I will do it when I grow up ""

    for me wearing the hijab give me the feeling of protection and pride and happiness that's how I feel I don't know about other girls

    hope that helps

  • I don't because I don't want to. I am religious and would love to show my pride, but I have never been wearing it and I think it'd be hard to start now because I think it takes a lot of courage and you have to be used to it if that makes sense. I'm not used to it since I haven't weared it evern. But I know girls who do and it is completly their own choice. It is very rare that parents would force their kid to wear it. Atleast I have never heard of it and I'm a Muslim, from a middle eastern family etc so I should know. you're not less of a Muslim just because you don't wear it and it simply is a personal choice

    • If you don't mind me asking, how come your wondering about this? :-)

  • I used to wear it when I was 14-16 out of respect for my fathers religion. It was my own personal choice. I started wearing it because I wanted to it in more with my father's family members so that they wouldn't look at my different for being a Buddhist on my mother's side.

    When I got over that faze & realized I was a deist, I decided not to wear it. I do wear it sometimes when I'm with my father and his family. Or when I attend Islamic functions.

  • I started wearing hijab whatever you call it, When I was like 10 years old. I did that because I wanted too.

    • To* and I feel more comfortable wearing it, it became a part of me.