Married people, do you dress to impress somebody?

Married people, each day when you're getting ready for work or school or whatever, or maybe even weekly for church or a social event, are you thinking about trying to impress and look good for a particular person you will see who isn't your spouse? If so, why? To compete? To attract them? What do you hope to gain?


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  • When I get ready for church on Sundays I dress up nice 1) because I want my hubby to be reminded that I know how to look gorgeous and 2) so I don't have to worry about other women looking "prettier" than me and distracting him. If I am going somewhere and there's a nice looking man, of course I'll want to look my best so I don't feel like a frump but I'm not trying to steal him. Sometimes I just enjoy that quick, stunned look a guy gets on his face when he thinks a woman is beautiful and that kind of non-verbal complement can boost you for weeks.

    My advice: Trust your gut on this one. If she's suddenly getting dressed up and caring when she didn't before, there's a reason. BUT the reason could be that she found out a girlfriend of hers thinks YOU'RE cute and no way is she stepping out of the house without looking great to remind chica to keep her eyes off you!


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