Seeking perfect wedding dress, and can't seem to find the right one for the wedding.

I'm looking online to help me find the perfect dress for the wedding we have planned. I want the dress to work with the venue and I think I know what would be perfect but I don't know if it even exists.

We plan to get married in a VERY intimate low key ceremony, It's going to be on the military near us (neither of us are in the military, my dad is) and it's an outdoor look out point over looking the mostly wooded part of the base, we are only having the people closest to us there so that it can stay intimate and personal for us.

I'm kind of looking for something that isn't overly formal I want something That is like knee length or shorter in the front and gets longer towards the back and has a bit of a train. If anyone can points me towards a site where I can find something like that I would really appreciate it. It doesn't even have to be a "wedding dress, I just need a beautiful white dress.


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  • Im not sure what your budget is but if you live in the United States then you should try Klinfield in NYC there is one like it down south too. Or how about Davids bridal they have nice ones at a good price.

  • get a short white dress (strapless) with your bouquet and flats or heels up 2 u