Does anyone else notice with bangs/fringes?

you never really know what a person with one looks like?

by hiding the forehead you don't really get an idea of the shape of their face, or their eyes,

it's kind of like a person who doesn't take off their sort of know what they look like but not really

it always drives me crazy. I always want to know what they'd look like if they would just pull it back off their faces for a second.

does this bother anyone else?


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  • I have significant fringe and although I wear it naturally most of the time, I play around with it, put it back, have a parting, different styles so it's not just constantly in one place all the time.

    My fringe also doesn't affect my eyes because I cut it so it doesn't get in the way but that's just no help whatsoever. My fringe is also naturally quite floaty on my face so it doesn't stick to my forehead.

    However, I do agree that sometimes, usually guys are most guilty of this that when they have a giant fringe in the way of their eyes and draped over most of their face I just look at it and wish I could chop it off and give it a tidy .. or at least give them some of their eye site back.


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  • I don't think it makes a huge difference. I use bangs to cover my big forehead, but I don't think it's a revelation when I pull them back.

    With bangs: link

    Without bangs: link

    I don't really look that different, do I?

  • I've never really thought about this before :/ So no I guess it doesn't bother me.

  • What people's forehead looks like doesn't really matter so much to me that I have to tell them to take their bangs out of their face...that's kinda creepy imo, lol. All that matters to me is that the hairstyle looks good on them, people generally know what works for them and have the right to wear it as they please. I can sorta see what you mean though. I get the same feeling when I meet people who wear glasses-- I just know they look different without the glasses and I get a little curious, but it doesn't 'bother' me. It's probably only a matter of time before I do get to see what they look like without glasses, but like I said, it's not to the point that I get driven crazy or obsessive about it. o.0;;

  • Nah, I don't really think like that because sometime or another they'll put it back or they'll change hairstyle.

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