Would you consider these sizes small or average?

Bra size 34B

Bra size 28C

(number is inches around your rib cage FYI)

Clothing size 4

Clothing size 0

FYI these are not my sizes. How could I be two bra sizes at the same time anyway? They are general sizes from a discussion I was having with someone.


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  • I'm a 34 C, I feel average but I've been told by guys that a C cup is 'large'. So I guess a B would be average...And the 28C doesn't exist unless you go to specialty stores


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  • Average for boobs, small for clothing size, I think the American average for women's dresses is like size 14.

  • since over 50%of Americans are obese now, that is probably small


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  • 28C is very thin, but I'm having hard time imagining what it converts to...about an A or B cup, so small

    34B is small too, but not too small. Ironically, whenever I see guys(on here) talk about preferring small boobs, they always say B-C cups.

    • I thought 28C would be bigger. A C cup but on a girl with a really small torso.

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    • I'm trying to find the bra sizes online but all they show me are push up bras blahhh

    • link

      Is this right? cause generally below 32whatever cup and above 40 whatever cup you have to go to "special" stores or sites and this seemed like an unbiased one

      I know it's not the best, sorry

      Equivalent to a B cup

      They're small but not in a bad way

  • your skinny all I will say

    • They're not my sizes. Just sizes in general. That's why there are two of each.

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