Is it even fair for me and other plain/unnattractive looking guys to be mad at beautiful women?

Is it fair for us to be angry at them for ignoring us and or rejecting us? I mean when I think about it logically they have no control over it. Biologically they want someone of equal attractiveness or something close because it would be more of an ideal genetic match. I mean a if a 10 has kids with another 10 or something close their kids will also be drop dead gorgeous. It's just a form of natural selection. I might not like it, but in the long run less people will suffer because there will be more and more attractive people around because they have a higher chance of getting married and having kids. It's not their fault because they cannot force themselves to be attracted to someone with inferior genetics in terms of physical beauty. I myself don't look at unattractive girls and I'm not attractive myself. I can't blame them but damn does it suck.


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  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Beauty is what captures the eye but personality captures the heart.

    What you said does not have much scientific basis because you can't measure beauty.There are studies out there that correlate attractiveness with facial symmetery. the more symeterical your face the more attractive one is. examples being denzel washington, marylin monroe. but then again there are people out there that find denzel washington not at all attractive or marylin monroe.

    I might find some one very attractive but to another perosn they maybe ugly.

    An" un attractive" couple may very well have gorgeouse children and an "attractive" couple not sos good looking children. its not black and white as tehy say.

    • Yes this is why there are a TON of strip clubs that have 700 lb hairy women taking their clothes off.

      This is also why Quasimodo was a fairy tale about a handsome man, and NOT one that was stereotypically ugly.

      If you define something by the MINORITY rather than the majority, you run into serious problems.

      Hey you know what? I believe 1+1=47 Therefore math is in the eye of the beholder.

      You know why I would be wrong? because the majority says so.

      Its called common sense and "rational thinking"

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    • fail? you have not proven anything except that 99% is higher than 1%. your arguing that math is subjective while attractiveness is not. but you haven't made any points.

      a fictional character does not make a point

      a 700 lbs stripper doesn't make a point...since there aren't any

      going off what I beieve is retarded? lol OK. lets all be sheeple, there is nothing wrong with that at.

      you continuously lose track of the point you are trying to get across...

    • if I thought some one was "unattractive" even tho most people that he was, then I would "lose"?

      umm lose what? that is just my opinion and preference.

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  • the reason you may be mad at "attractive" women, is because you think they judge you as you judge others. In other words, the way you see "unattractive women" is the way you "think" attractive women see you. So, you feel there is no hope. Conversely, if you were more open to "unattractive/average" women, you would not feel upset at these "attractive" women.

    People who are positive and open about others have a better time attracting people of all sorts. It is not about levels of attractiveness (a 10 and a 3 or a 5 and an 8) getting together. Its about people getting to know each other or a personal level. life isn't about survival of the fittest always. Darwin got a lot wrong.

  • Don't be so negative... there are PLENTY of beautiful girls who will go for an uglier/plain guy :) We are out there, you just have to be patient and really have a killer personality.

  • sounds like you answered your own question :P

  • I have made fun of other people b4 but I have been made fun of too its just how it is. The people that are not hot can still be hot if they try its up to them if they want to or not. Some people just don't care about looks they just want to be happy not fighting or anything like that.

    • so a deformed ugly guy like me can become good looking ?

  • Looks are important.

    Guys reject girls based on looks all the time, why can't women do the same?

    I know this gorgeous girl, and she would reject everyone, even the hot ones- and she ended up marrying a stereotypically ugly man, but she found him to be gorgeous.

    It depends on personal preference, and what you consider important in a relationship.


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  • not really, it would be the same as fat chicks being angry at guys for not giving them any attention either

  • it's called Karma

  • i hate how women are allowed to complain but men are not

  • nope, because life ain't fair

  • Dude, hot guys are in the same position.

    Looks don't matter all that much.

    Hot guys get shunned for different reasons. Either they are not taken seriously and just used for sex, or they are completely ignored all together.

    Women generally are distrusting of hot men. MUCH more than ugly guys.

    Ugly guys will be given MUCH more of a chance than a hot guy. IF he exudes confidence.

    A confident ugly guy, women assume that he MUST have something going for him. Usually this means he's probably rich. Because obviously he's not confident because of his looks.

    Women assume hot guys are just confident because of their looks. Confidence in hot men is ASSUMED.

    Not having confidence and being a hot guy doesn't help either. So they are F***ED either way.

    Bottom line is, confidence and money and height are far more important than having chiseled good looks and high cheekbones.

    Confidence says, hey I can make money for you, and I can protect you from harm.

    So does having muscles and being tall.

    It says look at me I'm strong and I can protect you and with confidence that means I can also make MONEY.

    SO get some money, get confidence and you get women.


    • I'd just like to say, for some girls money isn't all that important, it certainly isn't too me, a girl should be able to afford her own lifestyle, not rely on meeting a rich guy to support her, that idea is out dated to me. I think people find it harder nowadays to be in relationships and date in general, no matter what you look like, there seem to be so many more issues that people are having to consider before getting in a relationship in modern society, it's just one of those things.

    • Whether you want to admit it or not. And you wont. The fact that you like confident men comes from the evolutionary hard wiring that says "this man makes money".