Why is he doing this?

His eyes dilate when we stare at each other.He sometimes walks/runs in front of me(I'm not a slow walker). Then he'll turn around&face me. Sometimes, he'll do something weird in front of me. While he's doing that, he'll either stare at me or look away. He does that often. at lunch he sat in a spot where he was facing me&he was staring at me through out lunch. He was staring at me&we locked eyes for about 2-4 seconds&then he looked away. Why? (his eyes were dilated, he looked sad&looked away slowly) he's been doing this for a year, we don't really know each other.today he kind of ignored me. Why?

I would've made the 1st move a LONG time ago if he didn't do what he's doing. Why did he ignore me


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  • Jeez, ignores you one day and you're so worried. Try tomorrow.

    He was just having a bad day.


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