How many girls here change clothes in front of their girl friends?

Whenever I change clothes, I go in the bathroom to change. Or someplace private. However, my friend on the other hand, would just be totally naked in front of me and change. I mean it's like whatever but I'm just like okay.

For those that chose C, what if it was a bikini?

By the way I live in California. I don't know if being in different states make a big difference in this.

  • I change completely in front of my girl friends all the time
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  • I only change completely in front of my girl friends that are close
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  • I take everything off except my undergarments.
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  • I think it's pretty weird. I don't do it but my friends changed completely in front of me
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  • That never happened to me. Me and my friends have never change completely.
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  • I only change in front of friends I am close to, but I always give a fair warning before hand. Such as "If you don't wanna see boobs look away" or something along them lines. in my mind we all have the same parts, it nothing you have not seen beofre. I think it all depends on how comfortable you are with yourself and the other person.


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  • im fine changing in front of any of my friends that are girls but only down to bra and underwear if I'm fully changing, ill go change somewhere else.

  • I have changed in front of my friends before but only down to my bra and underwear.

  • I have no problem changing in from of them but if I am changing into a bikini or essentially changing into anything that requires me to be naked I will go to the bathroom but otherwise I have no issue.