Wavy hair? how to get them??

my hair are fine. meaning thin. and they are dark brown...

if I curl them, the curls open up too soon as they are thin...

straightening makes them look even thinner...

i like waves in my hair... how to get those? how do I style my hair to them wavy..? but I still want a very natural look...


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  • Braid wet hair at night and take them out in the morning. If you want bigger waves you can try putting wet hair in a ponytail, twist and wrap around the base of the ponytail so it looks like a cinnabun and then carefully take it down in the morning (don't run your hands through it too much). I get better results when I do two buns like Chun Li though.


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  • link

    This works for me and I have very fine, soft, stubborn hair. Instead of using your curling iron with the clamp, just hold the end of your sectioned hair, curl the hair on the hot curling iron (NO CLAMP), count to 10, then release.

    Best of luck

    • how do I do it with an iron with clamp?

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    • No, just keep it closed. Just pretend that it doesn't even have a clamp.

    • okay... I start rolling my hair from top right?

  • I have thin hair, but it's long. Here's what I do.

    Shower, put in SeaSalt spray(just warm water and salt). spray the lower roots.

    Comb really well

    Reverse braid(YouTube it if you don't know) from the front of you center head to the back and to the ends.

    Spray LIGHTLY with hairspray.

    Apply leave in conditioner

    Wrap a silk scarf or use satin pillow case so that you don't get frizzies(Note: hair still wet)

    Sleep on it

    Wake up and start at the bottom and work your way to the front undoing the braid.

    Flip upside down and spray lightly with hairspray

    Use argan or any oil on the ends

    Comb your part

    Then Natural Waves! YAY!:)

    I do this almost every night and I love it. Works every time.

    I've tried buns and rollers but honestly, I like this best because the reverse braid lifts the hair from your head so you get more volume=thicker looking hair that acts like it.

    If you want to skip the products, I'd just suggest using oil or leave in conditioner to smooth down the waves.


    • sounds good! thank u.. :)

  • Try sleeping with braids in. It's far less damaging to your hair than any heat styling method.

  • Before you sleep wash your hair and put them in to lots of braids and sleep with them like that then once you woke up untie them and just run your fingers through them don't use a brush and lightly spray your hair with hair spray


  • here is what worke for me ; you take garlic and you dip it in a lot of olive oil for two weeks and befor evry shower you massage your scalp with it that will make your hair grow faster thiker and shiny well it worked for me but be carfull it can make you lose hair if you put a lot of garlic ( just take 5 cloves of garlic and dipp them in a glass of olive oil but be carfull OK I don't wanna be the reason of you getting bold ) ;)

    • u sure right? I'll try with 4 cloves..

      i know olive oil is good but garlic? are you sure..?

    • yes I tried it before but be carefull some people can cause to them hair loss ;) use it wisly OK good luck :3