I wanna hear what other people think of my tattoo

so I am getting a tattoo. I am 100% sure about it and don't care what other people think if its on my body. just out of curiosity I would like to see what people see, from the outside in you know? cause I of course think its wonderful, but I'm always curious as to how other people who don't know me see me & if they really do judge. so tell me what you think about my tattoo !

im getting half a human heart and the other half is going to be a human brain. it is going to say "we live on the cusp of death thinking that it won't be us"

the meaning behind it is that, the brain and heart are the two things that keep us alive. without a brain we have no say or voice and without a voice we are nothing. and without a heart you can depend on the pound, inside the chest that beats with every breath in the now.

and "we live on the cusp of death" means a lot to me, because if anyone has ever had a close encounter with a relapse or overdosing that's exactly what we feel when we are about to call our dealer or when we are starring into the lights as all the people who love us are standing around waiting and screaming cries, for us not to die. for us to get one last chance to live. an addict never believes he/she is going to be affected by it. we think we are untouchable. we know what syrup perkaset and an eighth a day can do to us and how quickly it can kill us, but we take our chance.

so lets hear how people would judge me based on my tattoo !?!

EVERYONE I AM DOING THIS BECAUSE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING A BOOK, and getting other peoples opinions is crucial to have to refer to. I have to look at things from every single persons point of view.


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  • It seems very wordy to me. I have a tattoo, a few in fact, and each time before I get it I get my artist to draw it in with permanent marker and I walk around with it for a week or so just to see how it looks, how people react. I can promise you the two worst ideas are- things with words (more than just three-five) and things that are too big to fully see, or in a spot where they're partially covered.

    Words: People wil ask you a million times over what it says, or to read it, no matter how clear it is. And you'll end up explaining a million times why it's that quote and such. It's really cool now but it gets tedious after a while and eventually you'll start making sh*t up or telling people to f*** off, hahaha.

    Partially covered sh*t: This is even more annoying because people will constantly be asking you to raise you sleeve so they can see, or pull up your shirt a bit, or take off your shoe, or pull down your collar, or whatever so they can see the whole thing.

    My only tattoo with obvious words says "Into this wild abyss" and it's the only one I get tired of having because people always rave about how they love Alice in Wonderland, too. Or make jokes about how cliche "white rabbit" tattoos are and how I found a way to make it unique. When actually it's nothing like that, at all, not even a little. I suppose that's the problem with every tattoo but I've seen it more about tattoos with words than with just pictures.


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  • "I wanna hear what other people think of my tattoo"

    "I am 100% sure about it and don't care what other people think"

    ..erhmm - what?

    • Hahahaha, my thoughts exactly.

    • i am writing a book, about judgments that people make about others based on their tattoos. I am not asking anyone if they believe I should get it or not which is why I say I am 100& sure of it and can care less what people tell me about my tattoo. if its stupid or not. but I am curious as to what people think because its criticism that I need to make references to and that I am taking data on.

  • If you don't care what we think of your tattoo, then why do you care what we think enough to ask the question? Seems like you're less than 100% sure of it.

    • im not asking people if they think it is a good idea or not. I'm asking because I'm writing a book on peoples judgments. and how certain things make other people judge strangers.

  • Most people might think it's weird, but only because they don't understand the meaning behind it.

    Deep thinkers and artists might find it very interesting though.

  • Hmm id have to see it, I can't picture a brain and a heart merging into one... Also depends on where you get it... I don't like when girls have very graphic tattoos showing on their arms, neck, legs, or chest..

    • this is the only picture I would find that is somewhat how the brain and heart and going to come together. this is not my tattoo at all, its just to give you an idea of how the two come together. I am getting it on my side. but a little bit towards my back. where my bra would sit on my back. it does go with my style and personality really well too.

    • hmm I think you forgot the link

    • i didn't forget, I realized I can't post a link. I'm new to this website so I don't really know why ahah but yeah sorry

  • That's cool I guess.


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