A Cleavage Dress in Nightclub = Easy Girl?

is it safe or is it wrong to assume that, a girl who wears a dress which shows off quite a visible cleavage, and who is very comfortable socializing with men, is an easy girl?


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  • Most of my best friends are guys, not because I'm easy but because I'm down to earth, honest and don't really appreciate the bitchy drama side of girls half the time. I wear dresses that don't show cleavage but show my chest off because I like my collar bones and those type of dresses suit my body shape .. I'm also one of the hardest girls to crack guy/sex wise. If a guy thinks I'm easy, comes over and tries to seduce me or flirt in a really obvious way when he doesn't even know me, chances are I'll laugh in his face, show some attitude and walk away leaving him feeling like an idiot. So it's definitely wrong to assume that in my opinion! However I do see your point. Depends on how she's interacting with the group of guys, if it's all flirty and loud then I'd probably think she was pretty easy too but when I hang out with guys, it's all banter and stupid jokes, I don't get any more or less attention just because I'm a girl.


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  • No that's stereotyping right there. Some girls just like to dress up and look sexy that's all.

  • Only a guy virgin would think she's dressing that way to look easy

  • Nope, you would be very stupid and very small minded to assume that.

    I've shown cleavage in a night club before because it makes ME feel sexy or that's simply the way that the dress is designed. I set my eyes on a beautiful dress or top and it simply shows cleavage. It doesn't mean I'm easy. In fact, I'm a virgin and I've only made out with two guys ever in my entire life. Why do so many guys assume that if a girl is showing skin, it's all about them and she's easy or dtf? Self absorbed much? I'm far from easy and if a guy approaches me being a disrespectful jerk, he either gets slapped, dismissed, or embarassed in front of lots of people. Don't make ASSumptions.

  • most girls in nightclubs are easy. period.


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  • lol Nightclub girls= easy girls. I've never known a good girl to rub her ass all over some guy's crotch.

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