Guys, what are your opinions on girls and make up?

personally, I don't care for make up all that much. it's expensive, time consuming, hell to get off, and makes me feel a bit fake like I'm trying to be something I'm not. usually all I use is mascara and a bit of eyeliner. if I feel like it sometimes I'll use eyeshadow instead of liner, but that's it. I normally don't even use lip gloss, because I hate how it feels. the only time I use anything more is when it's a special occasion.

but I wanna know, do guys like it when girls wear make up? do you prefer it when they don't? or are you somewhere in the middle? and how much is too much or too little?


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  • I personally despise make up and how society makes out like make up "fixes" girls. Give me a girl with no make up and freckles and little so called "blemishes" anyday over a fake girl who wears make up and is self-conscious because of societal pressure. An exception to this is special occasions, but still think nothing more than a little eye liner, lipstick and maybe a bit of foundation. I have a strong belief that girls should be who they are. So, make-up: you're doing it right!


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  • I like it when girls put the same amount or less crap on their heads as I do, which is just a small dab of gel.

    It really just depends on the guy though. Obviously a guy who loves the mirror is going to want a woman who does the same.


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