Guys, would you be put off if your partner was bald?

I was watching Desperate Housewives, the episode where Tom and Lynette are about to make love and her wig comes off (she has cancer). Tom feels a bit miffed because she doesn't look like his Lynette, she looks like a bald, sick person.

Would you be bothered if your partner was bald, would you be less attracted to them?

This question is welcome for girls to answer, but your partner being bald is more common for women than men!


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  • [assuming cancer is the reason for my partner being bald]

    I obviously would be surprised, and certainly not turned on. But I'd be more upset and sad, (a) because she has cancer, and (b) because that's a horrible way for her partner -- me -- to find out.

    • Btw in the episode, its not a surprise, he knows she will be bald. She takes her wig off during lovemaking because its itching her and he suddenly gets turned off cause he's reminded what's happened to her.

  • Dealbreaker.

    • So hair is very much a must-have feminine thing to you? I'm guessing you don't like women with short hair?

      What if she wore a wig? (Assuming her baldness wasn't her fault)

    • You're right and wig doesn't make it ok.

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