Are tall girls a turn off?

I'm like 5'11 and 16 and I feel different from other girls because they are shorter than me and ALL have tall bfs. I feel like since guys can pick up shorter girls and do stuff like that I could never have that in a relationship. I can get insecure about it. I sometimes just like the fact that I have long slim legs but that's it. So is it a turn-off? Do you ever think " wow she's pretty and I would ask her out but she's too tall".


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  • It's not a turn off, but it is an issue. Most women do not feel comfortable dating men shorter than them. They've done polls here on GaG to prove it. Most men just assume that she won't be accepting of them because they're shorter, and that's where the issue comes in. Automatically assuming she won't like them because they assume she only wants guys her height or taller, even if she's the exception.

    • So should I be more approachable? I just am afraid of rejection even though I never have had a boyfriend. I know pathetic no boyfriend and I'm 16 -_- :(

    • That's not pathetic at all. Just get out there and be more approachable. Make guys comfortable around you. One Queston: Do you kind dating a man shorter than you?

    • Honestly... nt really I really just want him to care about me but me being tall I feel it limits some things I guess. I don't know I feel insecure about I lot of things. That saying " a million complements can stay with a girl for a while, but one insult like being called ugly, sticks around longer."

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  • Most guys do want the girl to be shorter than them. I'm a short guy myself. While I am attracted to many tall girls...I usually don't approach them because I am afraid of what people might say or assume that they wouldn't want a short guy like me...

    However, my current girlfriend is a couple inches taller than me... she doesn't seem to have a problem with it and I don't have a problem with it...actually I love her long legs...

    It is a bummer but don't worry the guys around your age will eventually grow taller just as there are many girls my age that are shorter than me or my own height.

  • No, it is not a turn off. It means that the girl's boobs are at my face.

  • not a turn off


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