Piercings and the effect they have.

So I'm asking you all about the effect of piercings and their placement on your body and how that correlates to social acceptance or not.

As I'm sure most people agree nobody wants to see their Doctor or Lawyer wearing a bullring(if you have a different opinion then post).

But typically based solely on the placement of piercings(Ex:Nose, ears, eyebrow) where do you find to be excessive or not acceptable at all? And if it not acceptable in most places where can it be accepted?


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  • I could care less if my doctor or lawyer had a bullring or any other piercing. Seriously. All I care about is where they went to medical/law school and if they're qualified to help me.

    As long as half your face or a large portion of your body isn't covered in piercings then I see nothing unacceptable about piercings on any part of the body.


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  • I have 12 piercings and I'm in grad school to be a therapist. I'm planning to work with teens so I hope my metal will actually help them identify with me and open up more. I'll probably put in retainers for interviews though.

  • I find something like a bullring piercing inappropriate in the workplace. I'm a nurse, and do like the looks of some piercings. I can't pinpoint why, but simple nose piercing looks OK to me...eyebrow and lip are iffy. Probably wouldn't want them in the workplace if they are big hoops. A monroe, I wouldn't care about much either. I think it depends on the jewelry more than the piercing. If you can have a simple stud that doesn't stick out so much, for some reason I find it more acceptable.

    I currently have my tragus pierced and am looking to maybe get a dermal right between my collar bones. This would show, as it would be right at the base of my neck, which is why I'm debating it.

    My biggest worry is just that the wrong piercings would cause some patients to view me as unprofessional or too young and have less trust in me as their nurse. Provider/patient communication and trust is essential.

  • i have my nose pierced. I wear a thin nose ring not a stud and I'm going to med school and ill keep it when I'm a doctor. the nose ring thing is cultural. my parents don't mind. my brother used ot have his ears pierced when he was in school. (they freaked out lol) but he's a pilot now and got rid of them...many of the med students I know got piercings (eyebrows and the like) and some even tats.

    as long as it isn't obnoxious, I think theyr OK in any profession.


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