What kinds of clothes do you like on guys?

Hey all. I'm going to get new clothes soon and I wanted some advice on what to get. I want to get both nice clothes for going out in and everyday type clothes that are still nice. What kind of clothes do you recommend? I prefer cheaper stores but I'll spend more if I think it's worth it so feel free to recommend store and post examples if possible. Thanks!


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  • i like no clothes on guys.. :p ;)

    well as per your question, keep it simple but cool... just wear what you like...

    on guys I like whatever compliments them and suits them

    its not about what girls like its about what looks good on u


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  • jeans and a t-shirt, if done right can look great. My favorite thing is that my boyfriend wears is a fitted royal blue v-neck tee shirt with tan colored boot-cut cords, also nice suede oxfords.

    the most important thing is to make sure your clothes fit you right.

  • Work-

    Stone colored five-pocket chino and a stretch cotton tailored button down in baby blue from J. Crew or Banana Republic.


    Light weight wool tailored fit pants with maybe a subtle plaid in black and grey with a French cuff slim fit button-down in lavender or navy blue from Express or Banana Republic.


    Dark-wash (preferably indigo not black) Boot-Cut or Slim-Fit denim and a casual button-down in white or a neutral plaid and a sharp blazer in grey or stone.

  • I like the jcrew look, that store has both casual and going out.

  • I think guys need to be basic but still with a style I like the rocker dude look, which is a bit laid back, like dark clothes, navy, chalk, black, militar green, burgandy and so on,

    So the trick is too layer so you don't look so plain and the choice of colors and how to match them

    something like



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