Girls, what are some good colognes for men?

I looking forward to buying new colognes and the ones that I own don't get any compliments from girls. What colognes smell sexy to you. by the way I'm in college.

What I have so far is Lucky You and Lucky 6 (ironic titles concerning my life) and The One by Dolce & Gabana.


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  • It's your lucky day I'm a cologne connoisseur. The cologne you choose will always come down to the situation it is for and the time of the year. For instance my favorite evening sent/winter sent is Ralph Lauren Romance. My current everyday sent for summer is Bvlgari BLV. Another good evening sent would be Gucci Envy. Dreamer by Versace is a sweeter sent and is very versatile. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani is a little strong for me but it is a sent that I wear from time to time. Tiffany by Tiffany is a good all-around sent for most seasons and occasions. Ocean Pacific by Ocean Pacific is a wonderful summer sent, which I need to buy more of because I am out.

    I have many more that I use but in the interest of time I will stick with those above.

    • I just noticed that my computer did not dictate the word sent correctly, I meant scent. LOL. I'm still training my Dragon NaturallySpeaking...