Guys, how much do you care about what a girl is wearing and fashion in general?

Do guys even care about how expensive or stylish or 'in' we look?

Do they care about the color of our dress and style and do they notice if we wear the same thing twice? Do guys like it when we wear high heels and do they even look down there?

Do guys care about little unnoticeable things like the color or design on our nails? A ring we may be wearing maybe or bangles?

Cause honestly I don't think most guys care.


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  • I don't care about 'designer' stuff or how expensive something is, that'll probably just turn me off

    if she looks cute or hot in it then I don't mind,

    for nails and heels, don't really care but maybe just the color would be appealing


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  • Expensive, no

    stylish, yes

    'in', no

    color, sure, if it looks good on you.

    high heels - when appropriate, yeah, they look good and make you look good.

    nails - I only notice in one situation I won't mention based on your age

    rings - only wedding rings, or large chunky ones

    bangles - only large chunky ones. Men don't like large chunky jewelery much

    • if men don't like large chunky jewellery why'd you write that you like large chunky bangles only? and I understood the nail polish one lol

    • sorry, I meant I only NOTICE large chunky ones, lol

  • Don't care. As long as it's clean, tasteful, and it fits, that's good enough for me.

  • i don't really care what a girl wears as long as it isn't to trashy

  • honestly?..I think you right!..(:(:(:

  • I think the she wear should look good on her

    she should not wear sth odd

  • I was once told that we should comment on something unique such as an earring or whatever..not the clothes yes, we do pay attention to the things that normally don't stand out, such as nails

    • hehe but do you really care or do you just do it cause you were 'once told'? ;)

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    • you mean *pretending you care?

    • Nope

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