Do you think people overrating their looks is common?

I see question on here all the time about attractiveness and it blows my mind how many people answer the question as if their supermodels...and 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't even call them pretty/handsome. Some people on here are downright ugly, yet they refer to themselves as very attractive.

It kind of reminds me of the British woman that said women hate her because she's so beautiful, but in reality she's barely cute. --> link

Also if you've ever looked at a dating website people will often give a short introduction about themselves. So many guys will describe themselves as "attractive" and they'll be the epitome of UN-attractiveness.

I always thought most people were pretty self aware of their looks. Why do you think people are so delusional?


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  • They're either trolling or they're arrogant. What you're saying I see rarely. I see more the opposite.

    • Really? I've seen so many questions about the "woes" of being hot...most of which are posted or answered by the oddest looking people on here.

      Also I saw a question about rating yourself naked and MOST of the girls rated themselves near 10/10. There was also a question about rating your boobs and most of the girls also rated themselves nearly 10/10. It's just a little silly because no even most supermodels are perfect but people on here seem to think they are. lol

    • Well maybe you just notice that more since it bothers you. People calling themselves hot when they're not just seems like trolling to me.

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  • Being attractive is subjective, not everyone will see the same person as attractive. If you get a lot of attention from the opposite gender, then you're likely to have the idea that you are attractive. That's how I measure my attractiveness... I don't know if you in particular would consider me attractive, but I can go just about anywhere and have girls approaching me, so it doesn't really matter. =P

    For those who can't seem to "attract" the opposite gardener I would guess it's them trying to keep a positive attitude. I think it's healthier to accept yourself for who you are and be optimistic then to constantly degrade yourself due to low self esteem. Having a good attitude and confidence is a portion of being attractive to begin with. =)

    • But there's nothing wrong with being realistic about your appearance and still having good self esteem. You can know your about a 5/10 on the looks scale AND have a good positive self image...because looks aren't everything.

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    • Okay if we're trying to be super PC about this then whatever...console your own ego in the looks department. But reality is one is going to look at Jessica Alba and say "Yuck!" and then look at Steve Buscemi and say "Hot! 10/10"

      Their are laws to attractiveness and scientific ratios...yes, some people may find someone attractive because they have odd taste, but in general people can agree on what's hot and what's not.

    • lol, so I need consoling huh? =P There are plenty of models and celebrities that a number of people find extremely attractive that I go meh she seems average, not really attracted to her at all. So if I can see myself doing that from time to time, I know there are not hard set rules that everyone finds attractive. Groups may find certain features attractive, but no one can attract everyone.

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  • I don't see what the big deal is really.