What are must have pieces of clothing for young women?

I haven't been clothing shopping in 5 years. Every time I try to go now, I just stare blankly at the clothing. I have no idea what I'm doing.

What are must have pieces of clothing?

What should I have that will stay in style for a while?

What should I avoid?


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  • The bare minimum of clothes that yo must have are in my eyes a formal outfit, a casual outfit, a slacking outfit, a cold weather outfit and a hot weather outfit. In my opinion, every woman needs the 'little black dress' - something classy and elegant that can dressed up or down, it's suits every figure and it's just a really versatile piece of clothing to own. A nice pair of jeans is always a good option too, jeans will never go out of fashion. I'd stick to clothing that you can 'mix and match' buy a skirt that will go with various sweaters, blouses and shirts at the same time the skirt could be dressed up with a suit jacket to become formal wear. Get two or so pairs of shorts, leggings, casual t-shirts, sweatshirts and light summer dresses to chill out in over the weekends. All those things are fashion styles that don't come and go, they are just standard classic outfits.

    Things to avoid should be pretty obvious but that depends on your style! I'd avoid clothing with giant shoulder pads because it makes the body shape look very manly, harem pants, overalls, pants with writing across the bum, tiny bottom revealing short shorts, ill fitting jeans, t-shirts that are too tight, fake label clothing and dungarees because I don't think many people can pull them off.

    Take one of your friends whose judgement you trust when you next decide to go clothes shopping or just ask a store assistant to help you out, it's part of their job to suggest clothes that would suit customers so there's no harm in asking for some advice!

    Hope this was of some help, good luck!


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  • I think jeans you can't go past, I think they are always in fashion. Tank tops will also stay in style. I think for the beach a plain triangle bikini will always be in style. Avoid anything that looks fashionable- so things that stand out for being different. So you want a classic look.

  • 5 years? wow you need to teach me how to do that cos I really need to save up money!

    well trends sometimes depends on the place where you're at...if you know anyone about your age in your area, ask her to go shopping with you. and fashion magazines can tell you, or tour the whole mall so you could get the idea of how the mannequins are dressed like lol

    big & thick rimmed sunglasses are back. light clothings with spring jackets. bright colors are in too if you're comfortable being stand out. and platforms/wedges. good luck!

    • Hey, I just wanted to mention that it's pretty cool that you're from Venezuela. It's unique here, on GAG. #tiredofcalifornians

    • I didn't know that wedges are back:-) nice to hear

  • Jean's are a good place to start. Then your basic black dress,black skirt and a nice shirt that matches both. The best thing to do when shopping look for a classic look something that doesn't go out of style. Mix and match everything so you have many looks with fewer clothes. Its easier on the pocetbook.