Does anyone attend swap meets or any sort of street market or fair?

If so, how often? What do you look for? What are you willing to pay on average for flip flops? What size flip flop do you wear?

I'm not saying you buy these flip flops at swap meets. Two separate questions there. My bad.
Has anyone heard of havaianas?


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  • i go to the farmers market.

    but I wear my regular shoes. usually vans or converse. I never wear flip flops or anything like that.


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  • I am kinda obsessed with antique books, and just books in general, so I go every now and then and scout for some :D I got a stunning 4th Edition hardcover of the Hobbit last time :D

    I don't get flip flops from there though o.O

    • @ update: my bad :P I don't pay all that much for them, usually about $20 max.

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    • no it is the quality. it's 100% rubber. You pay for the sandal. It's very expensive to manufacture 100% rubber sandals. Then any retail you have turnaround and markup. No matter what brand. They sell pretty cheap.

    • *Shrugs* You pay an extra $20 on top of that just for a more prominent logo, lol. The cheaper ones don't look all that good.

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  • Sure, I've been to a few flea markets, as they call them here. I usually go maybe once or twice a year. I'm not sure about flip flops, I don't wear them.