Losing interest in keeping up my appearance ... Maybe time to be single?

I've gotten really apathetic about my appearance. I'm tired of dyeing my hair and finding the right outfits and dieting. I still eat healthy and exercise for health, but I am just burned out on caring about my looks.

Because of this, I'm thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend, because I know that this feeling is the #1 treason against men. Thoughts?


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  • I feel the same way however I'm single.. I dress up but hardly any females take notice or if they do they will say something about the shoes first.. Kinda makes me feel like why keep dressing up?

    • Maybe you just have really amazing shoes ;)

    • lol maybe but I hate when they just focus on that... I don't think ti helps that I have to wear a size 10 1/2 some shoes stand out more then others.

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