What color should I dye my hair?

This is my hair now , not a real good picture


I got natural highlights and they're copper blond, so I was thinking about dying my hair copper blond like this link

link (not as much red as this though)

last time I dyed my hair is was to make it a lighter brown (originally dark brown almost black). It turned out red though..Whatever I do it turns out red...

If the copper blond won't suit me I'm open to suggestions.


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  • I don't think the copper blond would suit your complexion or bring out your lovely eyes, you've already said it goes red but I think that color would really suit your face and it's versatile too, you have lots of options to add highlights, low lights, dip dye or under color!

    I'd go for a more fiery option and go a deep red like this: link or mixed chesnut color such as this: link ..but that's just my opinion! If you fancy doing your hair the copper color then go ahead, I may be wrong! Good luck


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  • I don't think that color will suit you. I'm not being racist when I say this, I don't think colored women look good with lighter hair than their skin. I very much hate Nicki Minaj's blond hair.

    I think a deep red, like the first link that amberyhhh suggested would suit you. One of the problem with having dark hair is that if you put a lighter color on it, it will flush the color quicker - blondes can go any color because its like a canvas it will take any color onto it.

    You could try dying red highlights in. I see hair dye as a way of expressing yourself and giving your hair a bit of life. Currently you have one block color going on, you could spruce it up with a different color fringe, dip dye tips, a color underneath, or what I think would suit you most is highlights.

    Really depends on what look you're aiming for.

    • it's not racist I know what you mean, I'd nvr dye my hair a real blond. I just like the copper blond because it's lighter and orange-ish looking

    • I think the orange-ness would clash too much, you might end up looking like a tangerine! If you want that fiery look the red will be much more flattering. Personally, I think a style like this would look gorgeous on you link

  • Go auburn!!

  • I don't think that color will suit you. I think you should go natural. Also, if you still find the need to ask for opinions on hair color, when you get it done, you're either going to regret it or tire of it, basically you'll just keep coloring it. Hair color is a way to express yourself, so if you aren't sure enough to not ask people what they think, you're not really sure what you want people to think about you... do you get what I mean?

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