How to differentiate between attractive and unattractive girls?

I know this is very subjective and make up plays a role but I am wondering how guys identify unattractive women, specifically in the face and the body overall. I am curious especially since to some if not many men think women exaggerate their perceived flaws which certainly may be true, But I really want to know what makes a girl unattractive? how make up can someone more attractive or less attractive which I do not understand so if you could explain that too that would be great. Fat or bulbous nose? Round or large eyes vs. smaller ones, skin tone etc.


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  • Everything you'd apply to a guy would apply in the opposite direction. Smooth, angular, sharp chiseled, baby faced, etc. are all terms that people associate with beauty. The more something sticks out of place or has odd angles, like broken noses, double chins, loose skin, etc count as unattractive. A technically overweight person can still look attractive if their weight is proportionately distributed or at the very least not jiggling.

    Make up, much like wearing the right types of clothing, can draw attention away from less attractive features and enhance others. Making lips look smoother or fuller, hide blemishes, and create the illusion of different shapes as you would painting on a canvas... assuming it's used sparingly and not overdone.


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  • It's just how it all looks altogether, there is a "set" in our minds and when we see a girl we (sub)consciously 'rate' her what she haves and what she doesn't have, is she intriguing or annoying, what kind of vibe she gives, etc. - and all that process is instant and effortless.

    Although very often girls obsess about some 'flaws' which only they are able to see but which are insignificant to others.

    For example - here (and probably everywhere else in the world) many girls think they are 'fat' and that they need to lose weight to be hotter - they realize that they were thinking the wrong way only after seeing that guys don't pay to them any more attention when they actually manage to look super-skinny.

    To go deeper - the closest criteria to 'universal' attractiveness of face for girls are high cheekbones, clear skin, long hair, long eye-lashes and proportionate facial features.

    To body it's quite obvious what makes girls attractive.

  • A picture is worth a million words... Honestly, just like guys, if you take care of youself ( clear skin, healthy, dress nice, hygiene, ect) uour going to be decently attractive.

  • It's how all those features work together, not about which ones they have... One girl could have big round eyes and look good, another could have small almond eyes and look good to the same guy. You'll find no secret formula.


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