He makes fun of my style.....

My man who is a very plain dresser standard jeans, jacks, t-shirt kinda guy always makes fun of my style. I used to be a total plain t-shirt and jeans gal but over the last year I have changed it up a little.

I guess you can say my style is a mix of sienna miller, the chick from the ting tings... Kinda sexy urban hippie. Nothing too extreme.

I pretty much don't give a shit what he says, I wear what I like. Is that bad?

EVERYONE I know always says "you look so cute!" yet he makes fun. What gives



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  • It sounds like he's flirting.


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  • Think back to the playground days when the guy who liked you destroyed your sandcastle. He's destroying your sandcastle. Therefore... I think he likes you. = )

  • If he is not saying anything really mean it sounds like he is just playing with you. Your style sounds cute so its not anything bad.