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Greetings, I am currently writing a story (please don't ask what it's about.) that involves female soldier types. Being male I have a hard time grasping things from a woman's perspective. I want to make these female characters strong, capable, professional, intelligent, but add a level of appeal to them that makes them still desirable as a woman.

Keeping this in mind, I have written sections describing these female characters when off duty as perhaps a little wild, flirty, but also exhibiting more intimate behavior towards either gender. Being male I find this to be reasonable and not excessive. Also being the creator of the story however, I look on from my own perspective and understanding. Knowing this I am need of a woman's opinion on this matter so as not to give false, or unreasonable impressions of women.

Would exhibiting such flirty and intimate behavior give a false impression of these women as being some sort of Barbie doll in a uniform or a street walker and take away from their other traits previously described?

I have consulted many of my male friends already and am now in need of a woman's opinion. :)


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  • It really depends. I know a couple female veterans and being flirtatious is often seen as unprofessional or even stupid. Women can face a lot of sexual discrimination, harassment, and even abuse in the military, so I'm not sure most would want to make themselves particularly desirable. I don't mean to generalize either gender, or insult the armed forces, but rape and other forms of abuse are a real issue and women who report the crimes are often punished for doing so.

    I don't know what the story is about or how you're writing it, so this information might not apply to you. But since you're writing about female soldiers, I think it's important to be aware of these issues.


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  • Not at all, women are dynamic beings. Sometimes they can be flirty, wild and strong, capable when they need to be. I like authors who have deeper characters that don't always behave and act the same way :) From what I can tell women are usually the more intimate sex, so that makes sense. Good luck!

  • women are like cats.


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