Tall, a little big and brunette or small and skinny?

You know guys, I really don't like myself. I'm brunette, 1"9 and a little big. Everybody prefers the small and skinny ones :/

Idk why I wrote 1"9. It's 5"9!
In not Big as fat...I'm just curvy


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  • I prefer smaller, but I don't prefer small. I mean, I'm only 5'8" myself and I would hate having a girl who's 5'9" 5'10" without heels. With heels it would make me feel really awkward. Also, you say guys prefer the thinner girls, you didn't mention your weight (you don't have to, I was just mentioning it). The only reason why I prefer girls thin is because I'm thin myself. I don't want to feel like I'm being crushed, if she were to ever be on top, it's only fair, right? Other than that, I would take a girl of any size as long as we connect.

    By the way, I prefer redheads, but don't mind brunettes


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  • I do not prefer skinny girls, I love a woman with curves, meat on her bones, skinny girls I mean, I find attractive, and yes I would date one, but if you gave me the option between skinny or thick/big, I would go big every time :) We exist, I promise, just gotta keep looking :)

  • It's a matter of taste,my last girlfriend was a little bigger. My preference is actually tall girls, dam nice long legs

  • Ha 1"9 your one tall dwarf. Nah 5"9 is pretty decent. I'm 6"4 so I want my girlfriend to come up to at least my shoulder. I prefer women more on the slim side, but if a curvy woman dresses in a way that compliments her curves it looks pretty damn sexy.


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