How do women find this style of clothing?

Hello, I've recently been wondering just how my style of dress looks to other women looking on. I used to wear jeans and was not a fan of the button up shirt since I always felt awkward in them. These days however I have discovered articles of clothing and footwear, which are built to be tough and I find them to be very comfortable and in my opinion stylish.

The pants I wear which can be described as cargo pants and are called: Taclite pro in the color called Coyote 120 made by 5.11 tactical. The shirt which to me at least looks professional is called a Taclite Pro Long Sleeve Shirt in the color Khaki 055. (unfortunately the site will not let me post links due to my level, I apologize). My footwear are tan suede or "rough out" boots made by Bellville and numbered 790 on their site.

I generally wear these articles for work and for play and when I wear these articles I tuck my shirt in, wear a matching tan belt and I feel that it gives me a very a professional look balanced with function. I have always wondered though; how do I look to women in this style of clothing?


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  • Post pictures so we can get an idea please

    • Apologies, unfortunately the site will not let me post them here, level restriction. You will have to look them up either in my profile pictures or manually via Google.

    • I actually saw a guy at my work wearing exactly what you have on your profile and it was pretty cool style of clothing but of course every girl has her preferences

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