If a girl doesn't have a perfect body, is she still datable?

Say a girl has a healthy BMI but doesn't have thin thighs or a super flat stomach...is she still datable? If she has a really pretty face would guys look past her body? datable

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  • Fist off the BMI is extremely flawed. Don't obsess on that by too much. Secondly, a girl doesn't have to be perfect, no. I've actually gone into it about a girls looks a couple times today.

    Two examples

    How picky are you about a girl's body? link

    I don't know. It's not really a rigid set of rules. I guess I'd like her to be under 200, but I have let that slide before too. I guess I'd prefer she just wasn't so thin I can count or feel her bones. So skinny that her pelvic bone sicks out, or some other boney part of her is jabbing into me. I want her to have SOME meat on her bones. Fat or muscle. I just want her to still be soft and not boney. Beyond that, I'm pretty loose about things. Honestly, though, looks are not my deciding factor. Period.

    Are guys sincere about this? link

    Honestly, if I assess your attractiveness in any way I'm being honest. If I say you look cute, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, whatever, I mean what I say, and I try to make sure I say it right. (Although some seem to TRY to take a compliment as a negative some days.) If you want me to point out flaws I can, but honestly there's two things about that.

    One: Sometimes the flaws are what make someone so unique and beautiful, because really beauty is subjective.

    Two: Sometimes the flaws are so minor they aren't worth pointing out. Why obsess on them? Why do this to yourself? Heck, some people might not even notice them. I might not have even noticed!

    Anyway in short I don't necessarily feel obligated, as such, though I think people's self esteems are low enough. Sometimes I do think a casual reminder of why they're so beautiful might do them good. But as I said, I'm never going to lie to you about what I think.

    That's my view.


    So I meant every bit of this. No you don't have to be perfect. Yes, you're completely datable. Finally, don't worry too much about the BMI. It's flawed, and at best, these days is serves as a really rough guideline.

    I hope you feel better real soon.


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What Guys Said 7

  • Depends on the guy, and the girl. What makes me want to date a girl is more than her looks, but to stick to the point, my second serious Girlfriend was a little bit heavier when we first met because she had been through some emotional stuff and was eating for comfort. In the 2 and a half years we were together, she got in amazing shape and probably had the best body of almost any girl I've been with. Her face was cute but not "really pretty". I cared about her though and she felt the same for me.

  • Heck yes. She's very much dateable, even if she has a little extra skin somewhere. I'm a sucker for lovely faces.

  • Most people manage to get dates/husbands/kids and most people don't have perfect bodies.

    Statistics would suggest an obvious "yes."

    • =P @ the downvote

      Do you value opinions over logical evidence or something? I pretty much just gave convincing logical proof that the answer to the question is "yes" nearly universally. No opinions needed.

    • >=P

      The poll results support this conclusion as well.

  • Of course dateable... wtf women lol. Guys are gonna care about personality far more for anything serious. Guys only care that much about appearances if they are immature and trying to get a girl to show off (aka trophy girlfriend/wife) and not really mature and seeking a serious relationship.

  • Yes. Personality goes a long way. However, most guys will prefer a woman who takes care of her body.

  • of course! id take healthy over unhealthy any day. Not to mention, eyes trump all

    • Ahh... unhealthy would imply an imperfect body.

    • no such thing as perfect. and healthy could be taken as to mean not trying so hard to be thin as described becoming anorexic

  • my girlfriend doesn't have the perfect body, but she's pretty damn close


What Girls Said 1

  • OF COURSE. Make up, media, extreme dieting, and photoshop have raised the bar for every woman to be perfect in every aspect, making them more self-obsessed then ever. If you are a healthy, nice, and friendly there will be someone for you. Don't think that you have to be perfect AT ALL, because nobody is and you shouldn't concentrate on what's bad about you, concentrate about what's GOOD about you. not everyone looks perfect and the girls that do go on extreme diets and use massive ammounts of makeup.