How does a woman get rid of muscle build up on legs?

i was stupid and overdid it in the gym some months ago and now I'm suffering, my legs are too tight and bulky and my joints hurt I can't walk or go up and down the stairs its painful. how do I get rid of the tightness and decrease muscle mass? also how can I balance them so they stop pulling on my joints? I've been to doctors they don't help they just give me pills and physical therapy doesn't help either...they just massage the areas...please help!

also I'm on my feet 5 days a week like 10 hrs a day, I work a lot and it takes a toll on my legs too. I have to climb a lot of stairs as well and it hurts like hell.

thanks guys!


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  • See my comments on some of the answers here, had a nice long one written out, but it got erased when I tried to post it :(

    As a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Fitness Trainer, I can tell you that you need to see both, I get cases similar to yours on a daily basis. An RMT can perform a postural analysis. Using this, they can determine specifically which muscles are causing your muscular imbalance, (A medially rotated femur will cause one side of your pelvis to drop, which is caused by hypertonicity in your Gluteus Medius and Minimus). They will then be able to release the hypertonic muscles, and can provide you with some basic exercises to strengthen your stabilizers. (A hypertonic muscle is chronically contracted/short, which is what you feel as the pulling on your joints, this is the site where the muscle attaches to your skeleton)

    After your get this done, ask for a copy of the documentation your RMT has filled out for your postural analysis, and take it to a personal fitness trainer. They will be able to provide you with a customized workout regimen that will further strengthen your stabilizers and rebalance your overcompensating primary muscles. Yoga/Pilates is great for stabilizer strengthening, and it won't cause any more increase in mass in your primary muscles.

    Once you get the root of your issue addressed (Hypertonicity and Stabilizer weakness), the muscle mass will decrease on it's own accord, because it no longer has to over compensate for weak stabilizers and hypertonic muscles, as long as you refrain from over-training your primary muscles for a little while. So no squats, lunges etc.

    I would get it treated soon though, I've had clients who have had their Achilles Tendon snap while stepping off of a curb due to hypertonic gastrocs. The longer you go with the imbalance, the greater your chance of an injury that would put you out of work for months.


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  • The problem isn't muscle buildup, its either:

    - muscle imbalance, or

    - being on your feet for 10 hours a day, having nothing to do with what you did in the gym.

    Get a new physiotherapist. You don't need a massage, you need them to assess what's imbalanced and give you exercises to strengthen offsetting muscles.

    • Physiotherapists specialize in injury rehabilitation. A Registered Massage Therapist is trained in postural analysis, and will be able to determine exactly what muscles are causing the postural imbalance, after which they can release the hypertonic muscles and provide strengthening exercises to rebalance the overcompensating primary muscles and strengthen stablilizer muscles.

      Please don't give people health advice on topics you are uninformed of, you are not a trained health professional.

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    • someone to do a posture analysis to strengthen offsetting muscles to improve balance.

      I humbly defer to your insight on which specific specialist is most likely to have expertise in that area - though I think we both agree her current physio is NOT performing that role.

    • Hmm, after reading my post again it did come off as kind of snarky, my apologies for that. You were correct after all.

  • You want to decrease the size of your legs? Are you really dedicated to the idea? Then don't walk for a year.

    • with my job, its not an option :(

  • Your natural muscle mass and shape is entirely genetic. Unless you starve yourself or simply stop moving around, that's just the way you are built. You'll never be able to maintain thin legs because your bone structure and muscles are just too big.

    That's not a bad thing. Guys drool over them. And besides, what makes you think weaker legs are going to make it easier to stand on your feet? Your bulky legs are the reason you can last these marathon sessions. That's an advantage you were blessed with. As for the joint paint, you just need rest. Protein and potassium will help.

    • i appreciate your advice, but just to point out its not genetic because a year ago I had thin legs and I had them all my life just recently in the past year I overdid it in the gym and now there's muscle imbalance and bulk. doctors agree too.

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  • Well, you can start with your diet. Not be unhealthy, just take special care to foods that won't help preserve muscle mass. I know its crazy but try "muscle cardio" (45-60 minutes at as fast as rate as you can handle for that period of time on something like a treadmill, I know it sounds crazy but just google it, because it changes the type of muscle you have). Heating pads/cooling pads are never bad temporary ideas, but maybe you've just been seeing the wrong people. Hardly any people nowadays are trying to LOOSE muscle :P Maybe a sports professional would understand more what you're going through/ a coach of some kind

    • thanks so much! awesome advice

    • realized I said loose and it was in capitals... LOSE. If you didn't have this problem before at all (and had the same job) it should all just be temporary. If this job is new, you may want to consult with someone.

    • This will not help in any way, shape or form.

  • You need to find a new physical therapist who will teach you proper ways to stretch and exercise your muscles in order to relieve the tightness that you're feeling.

    Maybe try a sports medicine kind of clinic. They generally specialize in injuries such as yours.

    • Probably the best answer on here, but more exercise won't help alleviate her symptoms until she get's a postural analysis done. RMT's are trained in this, and will afterward be able to release the hypertonic muscles that are the cause of her pain.

      THEN she should go see a fitness trainer to help strengthen her stabilizer muscles. Once the muscular imbalance is addressed, the bulk should decrease on it's own. (although it may take a long time, losing muscle is not an easy feat to accomplish)

    • Guess I should have been more clear, I meant exercise in terms of like...physical therapy exercises in order to loosen muscle tension.

  • eva mendes gets some sort of massage to stop her from bulking up.look it up.

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