Grass is greener on the other side?

I don't understand this phenomenon...I'm a black girl and I've noticed that black girls are trying to look like white girls, and white girls are trying to look like black girls.

Black Girls: getting weaves (ESPECIALLY blond weave), relaxers, color contacts, skin bleaching, nose jobs

White Girls: tanning (when they go overboard), lip injections, butt implants, perms (curly-type)

I have NO issues with white girls (I have looooads of white friends who can comp for that), but I just don't understand...if black girls are SO undesirable and ugly, then why are white girls trying to look like us?

I can understand the trying to look "more white" thing, though...if black girls look "more white", then they'll be considered pretty and black guys MIGHT start liking black girls again.

Why is this? Has anyone else noticed this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's always been this way. People want what they don't have. Through the years (many of them for me, you might note), I've always noticed this, in that black women want straight hair, white women want curly hair, black women prefer their skin to be lighter, white women sit in the sun for hours trying to make their skin darker. Go figure. By the way, anyone who says that black women are "undesirable and ugly" is only lying to themself. Any man with eyes and a heart knows this, it's just that some people inherit a "Cracker" mentality, and can't stop themselves from trying to perpetuate it. Black women are the finest ladies on the planet! By the way, I'm white if it matters to anyone.


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  • Black girls are not undesirable or ugly... Maybe where you live but, the places I've been people didn't have that mentality...those who did were few and far between.

    Its not so much black trying to look white or vice versa...its more about wanting what you don't have. White women also wear weaves, dye their hair and those who have straight hair want curly hair, those who have curly hair want straight hair. No different than black women who go for a look completely opposite of their own.

    I more look at it as one of the great things about being a woman...having that sort of can change up your looks with a haircut, a hair weave, a dye job, makeup, certain clothes etc. Very few women (that I know) take a shower, let their hair air dry into natural form, and head out into the world sans makeup or doing their hair or anything else.

    Its more about being what you're not, than specifcially trying to deny your race or take on being like another race. Besides...just like those who are white, black women come in so many different complexions and hair types...we don't all look alike of course!