Bikini season & shaving....

So this question is for the girls. I was wondering what is the best option to shave down there during the summer. Well the best & cheapest option I should say. I have some hairs that always seem to stick out past my bikini line & its very annoying, shaving just doesn't seem to help it any either. Does waxing hurt? How often do you get it done? Do you do it yourself or go to a professional? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  • Hell yea waxing hurts there. If you mean that you're okay with shaving for the most part and it's just the few around the bikini line that bug you, just tweeze them.

    If you want the whole thing waxed, It's best to go to a professional. You can try it yourself if you want... you might not finish though. :P

    Waxing your bikini line by yourself should be fine.

  • Waxing hurts, but you can just buy numbing or pain relieving cream. It's cheaper to just do it by yourself.