I don't understand guys' observation regarding makeup.....

I been told that many guys prefer girls without makeup and look natural.As a college student I think this is untrue.I am not jealous or something but I know some girls who never show themselves without makeup and I was surprise on how much guys compliment them beautiful.I saw one of them once somewhere and she was totally a different person.You almost won't even know who is she.Most of us(girls) know it but we just shut our mouth otherwise we will be called jealous.Now my question is do guys really know about makeup or they are clueless? No offense for the girls who like make up please.I like makeup too but I just don't understand with guys judgement about makeup.

  • Yes guys know about make up a little bit
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  • No they are clueless but just 'act' like they know
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  • They know but they don't care as long as the girl looks pretty
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  • They are hypocrite,they like girls with makeup
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  • Well, a lot of guys are somewhat hypocritical.

    They will say they prefer a natural girl, but then they will see a woman who has

    on tons of make up and she will be "highlight of beauty to them".

    Makeup is an illusion, they are seeing this girl for how she puts off to be.

    They are going with their sexual attraction for the girl, and not really thinking into things.

    When men date these girls and realize exactly how much make up she is putting on,

    it starts to become a turn off.

    Putting on layers to men, is almost like you are hiding yourself from the real world.

    They just want to see the real you.

    Having layers of make up is a false perception of beauty to me.

    How can you credit someone for having good looks?

    When you are not seeing the real them.

    Yes, women can be beautiful with make up.

    But how many are not?

    I agree with your post.

    A lot men say they prefer a natural looking girl, but what visually appeals to a lot are women with a false perception of beauty.

    Look at the celebrities that are drooled over (that have had numerous plastic surgeries etc.)

    • So the truth is they like to see someone pretty regardless with or without makeup I guess.

    • Yes!

      Unless they are dating this woman, then they will realize exactly how false her beauty is and it may become a turn off . Of course I cannot speak for all men, because some are automatically turned off when they see a face load of make up, but there are still plenty that arent.

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What Guys Said 9

  • I can't speak for all guys when I say this but I cannot say a girl should or shouldn't wear makeup

    I am no one to say what she can and cannot wear.

    All I ask is that if she does; she applies it correctly

    Personally, I can tell when a girl is wearing makeup. I don't know if that's a good eye or because my sister's would come to me and ask "Can you tell I'm wearing makeup?" I would reply: "I don't know what I'm looking for" and my sister(s) would say "well foundation is kinda like a base coat" and it would go from there.

    And as a side note:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE when girls wear eye shadow that compliments their eyes.

    I always melt inside.

    And I have seen the transformation, where she looks like one person with makeup and like another person without makeup

    And you can't generalize guys. All guys (and girls) have their own opinion about makeup.

    It just depends which ones you care about/take into account

    Good Luck!

  • Makeup helps. But for some girls, less it better. Most guys say they like the natural look BECAUSE they don't get just how much makeup fixes. Foundation does a lot. Eyeshadow does a lot. Subtle lipstick does a lot. If I get to know a girl, I don't care either way, and I like seeing a girl I really like without makeup because I know she trusts me enough to see her blemishes.

  • 1st thing - we ARE clueless about make-up

    2nd thing - guys who say they prefer girls without make-up say it for 2 reasons: they either want to see the girl without it to know how 'really' pretty (or not-so-pretty) is she to avoid being disappointed and feeling deceived.. or because they simply have low standards and wouldn't mind if the girl would even shave the sides of her hair and gain 50 pounds.

    • Low standards? It's called not being shallow.

    • Not being shallow means caring about the girl also(!) on other levels not just physical.. it doesn't mean tolerating if she decides to look like a skank.

  • We don't know all that much about makeup though I can say I prefer more natural / lite makeup. Yes, I know that girls that wear a lot get a lot of looks from guys but at some point the girl has to have a personality too.

    Also I don't like heavy makeup on most girls -- sometimes it actually looks clownish and other times the girl has done such a bad job with it, she looks fake.

  • If guys could put powder on their faces and look that much better, we'd all have powder on our faces. When guys see a girl who looks good (with or without makeup) that's how he'll remember her, but we do realize that girls have good days and bad days, just like guys do. I know if I'm going to a pool party on Sunday and it's Friday, I should think twice before I binge on Wendy's and develop that deadly centimeter of fat that covers up the abs, if that makes sense.

  • Some girls do their makeup well to accentuate what is already there naturally and draw attention to it. Some look like clowns. It really depends on how the makeup is done. Sometimes the best route is no makeup at all. There are quite a few girls who looks stunning without makeup and only mess it up by putting anything on their face. It's a case-by-case thing.

  • I know a lot about makeup...and my "story" never changes..i think all girls look god with mascara..and maybe eyebrow pencil...i usually never complain about anything to do with her eyes or lips..some girls look great with eyeshadow and some cannot wear it at all...I might ask her to tone down the eyeliner..I am not a fan of eyeliner..but some is OK unless looks like Cleopatra...but hate crap & garbage on her face...i don't like concealer and blush and I REALLY hate foundation and especially bronzer...OK?

    • Down Arrow? Well I answered your Question.../:/:/:

    • I didn't down vote you...+1

    • ok..I believe you...but I am weary of females on here who ask guys opinions..then they don't believe them and hasten to assure each other that we are stupid f***ing idiots wh odon't represent the real world or are too stupid to see the light of day...

  • guys don't mind make up, but if they think you look good, they are thinking what it would be like to kiss you (or more) and we don't want to be touching or feeling a face with a bunch of paint on it...that makes it less attractive. girls that wear a lot of makeup usually aren't too popular with the guys. I like just a little makeup and nothing too flashy or bright colored.

  • lol women think guys don't know about makeup.

    We're not that oblivious or stupid, girls. Most guys just don't really care enough.


What Girls Said 4

  • Guys that don't wear makeup themselves or apply it on others are completely, 100% clueless when it comes to this subject. Therefore, let them have their little rants against makeup and girls who choose to wear it while we have our laughs when at the end of the day, those same guys hit on girls with a full face of makeup... believing her to be, of course, completely bare faced.

    • I am not 100% clueless..in fact..though I am not gay..I understand quite a lot about makeup

  • I think when guys say they don't like make-up they mean they like when a girl can still look attractive without make-up. It's not that they prefer girls who don't wear make-up, but they prefer girls who are attractive without it. If a girl can walk around without any make-up and still get compliments or hit on it's kind of a big deal in this day in age because 80% of women wear make-up, and like 5% of those 80% look good without it.

    • Exactly.

      Its like women saying they don't like men who spend 6 hours a day at the gym. They'd rather guys look like that with 3 workouts a week.

    • Yeah...some truth here...way to go Angie...<3<3<3=D

  • Guys don't like the idea of a girl wearing makeup or having to wear makeup, but generally they're OK with makeup so long as it matches and isn't all over the place

    On here, guys tend to despise makeup. But the reality of it is the makeup industry is a billion dollar industry and there are millions, if not billions, of women who purchase it and use it. I doubt those women have trouble finding men

    Guys aren't exactly drooling over the girl with acne, blemishes, scarring, hyper pigmentation, dark circles, puffiness or discoloration. Guys will say they prefer her without makeup to make a point since someone pointed it out, but the majority of guys wouldn't look at her without her makeup https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=ex33wtqnNz8

    I like her though, so I'm not hating on her

    Unless it's sloppy and all over the place or they grew up with female siblings, they're generally clueless. Ask them about the best brand for mascara or foundation and they won't know. BUT, give them the option between a cakeface and a girl with natural looking makeup and they'll more than likely choose the natural looking makeup.

    • Yeah I watched that video last week and I was so surprise that she almost cry when she explains her face to people.Anyway I respect her for her braveness.She deserves much respect.Not many girls have the courage to show themselves without anything on their face.

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    • Actually, considering most women have no problem finding guys even if they're a cakeface, most don't really care

      Maybe you care, but most don't

    • PMSL !...Onkey Donk Dear...<3<3<3=D

  • Unless the girl looks like a cake face, guys don't know sh*t about make up. Sorry, but it's true.

    • Nope..I have learned a lot about makeup in my 55 years...nice generalization tho...