Do good looking people have lots of friends and love?

do good looking people have lots of friends and love.

but is it because of there good looks they draw friends and people to fancy but I know good looking people who con sort with other good looking people they like .and not bother with people they are not attract to it kind hard explain its best I can explain what I mean

i wish I was good looking fit and popular have lots lots of friends and guys I like fancy, love

be good looking and have lots of freinds and guys to like me make effort to bother with me and get to know me


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  • More so outgoing people have more friends. I left high school without having any friends.

    • to me they have lot better lots of friends and people who fancy them they very popular can afford to be mean to others.i wish I had lots real freinds and guys who like me but I don't but only girls add me NO GUYS .its make sad I am sexual appealing at my age its way tough for me but the good looking people I know will have lots when they leave collage and people who fancy them

      they never lonley like me I give any thing to be good looking and popular and well liked

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  • I agree I think they do. I am not pretty and people never want to seem to be friends with me they are friends with me only so that they could use me. I agree about your next statement too good looking people tend to hand out with hot people and will put ugly people down.

    • yes that's I feel it happen me 2010 by good looking guy he added good looking girl instead and kept her on .he likes her because she is good looking and young so I do know how you feel .it very lonely very hard effects my self esteem and mental state. good looking people judge on looks only make freinds and wanted to know other good looking people and the likes of us get nothing end up alone and very alone unwanted they make you feel unwanted depite them having all freinds and admires who like t

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    • god loves good looking people and good looking have every thing. friends ,admires ,and popular have all good luck and cruel to others like me and you ,so what do we do .well I am doomed .

      i find the good looking guys I was dealing with are very very shallow and they get granted every thing and handed every thing to .have it all.people they are not intertsed in get bad mouth and abused like I was by good looking with all luck he was only interested in hot looking young girls no more.

    • any one eles can help me please