All natural ladies, what is my friend hair texture?

I don't know what hair texture is that on her! Here's some pics of her hair!



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  • It looks texlaxed link

    • But its not, its her true hair texture, all she uses is wholes foods products, which I find it be funny that people think her hair is tho, that is why ask, because I don't know what texture is that lol! But it is actually no chemicals! Its chemical free! She don't do relaxers or texlaxers, because she thinks that breaks her hair out even more, if she were to do it!

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    • answer she asked for! But its all good like I said, you don't have to answer! I see why she said no need to ask, because women trip on her hair not being natural or her not wanting to be kinky like she should be, which I find it to be ridiculous! Everybody in this world don't all look the same, people have different hair textures, different eyes, skin, and body! Not everybody is going to fit in the criteria like everybody think they should be lol! But like I said I am all good & I will sleep

    • very well thank you lol!

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