What is your ideal weight?

Q says it all. Go ahead and say your ideal weight of your boyfriend or gf

I am 5'11 and my ideal weight is 115ish and I don't really care, as long as they aren't way overweight.


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  • I'm 6'3"

    If I had time to box more, I'd lift only for strength, cut fat hard and could probably make middleweight (165 lbs). I'd be skinny and ripped at that weight and everyone would be eating my jab all day wheeeeee

    Given I don't have time to compete right now, its just aesthetics. My frame is pretty thin, I couldn't carry a ton of muscle even if body built it well (it doesn't), but I'd guess 185-190 with low body fat. Which is about current weight, just want to add muscle, drop fat, repeat.

    In a partner? Slightly thicker then a victoria secret model is ideal. weight will depend on height. I have more of a soft spot for skinny then I would for 'very thick'.


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  • My ideal weight is 165, I'm 5'11''.

    And 115 for you so grossly underweight and distorted that it's flat out disgusting.

    • For my girlfriend, she has to be healthy and proud of it.

    • Well, everyone has their opinions, ours are just different.

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  • i'm happy with whatever my current weight is :)

    p.s. that'd be underweight, yeah?

  • I'm pretty happy with my current weight...As for my boyfriend, he's a pretty good weight though my parents think he looks too skinny and he thinks he has too much flab...

  • Idk I'm want a fit guy but a slightly over weight guy wouldn't bother me I'd say 190 to 200 lbs and has to be taller then me I'm 5'9 so I'd say around 6'5 6'7

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