Bra sizes? what's what? how do you tell.. and what do.the numbers mean?

Bra sizes? what's what? how do you tell.. and what do.the numbers mean?

Like what's the difference between

34D 32D 34C

Like that.. What do the numbers and letters mean..

So the letters the cup size?

And the numbers are strap size?

So a girls would want a big cup but a small strap? Or vice versa?

And how do you tell the strap size veses the cup size?


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  • A-B-C-D etc represent the cup size

    28-30-32-34-36 etc represent the band size


    Not all A's are equivalent and this goes for the rest of the letters. A 34D isn't necessarily interchangeable with a 36D just as the 36C wouldn't necessarily be interchangeable with a 34C. For instance, a 36C can typically be alternated with a 34D; a 32B can typically be alternated with a 34C; a 34C can be alternated with a 32B

    But, not all can be interchangeable. But some brands are so different you'll find many women go from being in between

    Generally speaking though, AA= flat chested; A=Small to flat chested; B=Small or average depending on her build; C= Average & generally the "universally" flattering size; D=big; DD+=huge etc

    This is why it's important for girls to get measured. Apparently, about 90% of females wear the wrong bra size; there's more to it than just cups and assuming

    • It was correct up until the DD+ is huge part. That is an outdated and wildly inaccurate misconception. I will also add that the band size is the measurement under the breasts around the ribcage. The cup size is then found by taking the measurement around the fullest part of the bust and subtracting the ribcage measurement. DD is only a 5 inch difference between ribcage and bust, which is not that much. These are what correctly measured DDs look like:

      Here's me measuring as a 30FF. As you can see FF is not large at all.

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  • I can't believe so many people get this wrong. You all know that the number is the band size, but most of you don't know about the cup size.

    For all of those who don't know, there is a things called "sister sizing". That is, cup size does not determine the cup volume. The cup size is relative to the band size. So, in other words, a 40A is much, much bigger than a 28DD. You cannot compare cup size (A, B, C... etc.) for the actual size of the breasts. Most people tend to think so, and they are wrong.

    A 34a has the same cup volume as a 32b or a 30c or even a 28d, but they only have different band size.

    I am a 34a and they fit in all the sizes above. If you don't believe me, search it up. It's called 'sister sizing'. Or you can go in a store and compare the different bras.

    All A-cup bras do not have the same cup volume, neither does all the Bs, or Cs or Ds.

    This girl wears a 30b and even though she is a "B-cup", her boobs are smaller than mine. So for someone that says, "I'm a C-cup, I wear a 28c." You might picture her with a small waist and huge boobs compared to her size. False. For me, who apparently is considered to have "miniature boobs that don't even exist", because I'm an "A-cup", I have bigger boobs than someone with a 28c. This is just an example.

    I hope I made it clear, because nobody seems to understand the truth of bra sizing. :)

    SweetAndSarcastic -xo

  • the number means nothing for you guys...its just the rib/chest bone area thingy that wraps around above the waist. The letter is more your concern... with A being one inch out and B 2 and so forth (how big the breasts are as in one inch sticking out or sticking out 2 inches etc)

    • Acually the info about the letters was helpfull.. But I am acually still wondering about the number... Is a big number a good thing? Or dose it mean your fat or skinny or something?

    • the bigger the number the wider the area so yeah could mean bigger/heavier woman or maybe her ribcage/bones are bigger and structured that way.

  • The letters are your cup size, that's how big your boobs are. A is the smallest and the further in the alphabet you get the bigger the breast size. The numbers are how many inches you are around your underbust. So how long the strap needs to be.

    • So let's say that you're a really petite girl but have very large boobs. Would you have trouble finding a good bra fit or does your upper body generally stay in proportion enough to size?

    • I've seen girls with DDs that are only 35 inches around the underbust. As a general rule any lingerie story will carry all of the most common sizes and a few odd ones just in case. But there are a lot of online stores or store websites that allow you a wider variety of cup size to band measurement. And I've seen As who are huge and DDs who are tiny so it's all about your individual body.

  • Let me add to what everybody said earlier - different countries and manufacturers have their own size charts - a quick look here will tell all -

    Best option, if you are buying a gift for someone - go get a gift card of a bra boutique and ask her to go get a size that fits

  • The number is the amount of inches the band is, the letter is the size of a single cup.

  • The numbers are the band size so meaning the size of the back and the letter is the size of the cup. 32 is small while 40 is big. A is small breasts while DD is big. What else would you like to know I do this for a living do I know quite a bit about boobs.

    • No the numbers are the band size so above or under your bust.

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  • What's the largest bra size they make?

    • the biggest I've seen in a retail store is 38DD, but there's plenty of custom shops out there that can make any size you need

    • Generally after about a 40DD and smaller than a 32 or even 30, you have them custom ordered/made

    • you can go up to k but you have to go to a special store once you get to like a 40 gg

  • the number is the band size (the around the body part) and the letter is the cup size