I am seeing numbers drop on the scale, but my body looks unflattering. Help please :(

Recently I have lost about 10 lbs, (I am about 5'6 and 140 lbs) and am still trying to lose another 20 lbs.

I see that I have gotten smaller in general, but I don't think I look any better, and my mom also pointed out how I look thin, but my body looks shapeless and unattractive. This has let me down a bit emotionally...I am putting in a lot of effort in my diet and workouts at home, but I don't look any more attractive, even though the numbers on the scale is dropping.

I don't have a gym membership, and my primary ways of working out is jogging outdoors, squats (listening to pop music), and dancing in front of the mirror in my bedroom (lol).

I don't think I can convince my mother to get me a gym membership any time near in the future.

What are some ways I can make my body look aesthetically pleasing, or give some shape to it, not necessarily lose weight, without resorting to the gym?

Does running and jogging uphill around my neighborhood suffice, or are there other simple work-outs I can try at home to give my body that sexy, toned, yet curvy look?

I would like to specifically tone my legs and midsections...

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

its horrible.

maybe aging has to do something with the ability to tone up.

Years ago, I could tone up by simply losing weight and get away with not doing any strength exercises...now, my body seems like its starting to sag the more the lose weight :( and I'm only 22!


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  • When you see someone everyday as in this case you see yourself, you don't notice the changes.

    Your eye sees what your mind remembers. Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger told bodybuilders to look in the mirror & picture what you want to see in your mind.

    The scale is a good indicator of weight loss but not the perfect thing. It's how your clothes fit or how you want the new ones to fit.

    Very few people have the "perfect body"

    Here are some workouts for your ABS. link

    No you will not get a 6 pack from just this alone.

    You also mentioned your legs link

    Youtube is a great source of info.

    As far as running uphill it is good for the quads downhill is very good too. Try it & you will see.

    • well, my mom has commented on my figure as well-she says I have become thinner, but my body shape looks unflattering.

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    • Usually that's the case. Remember you didn't like what you USE to see in the mirror. Again your mind remembers more then what your eye is now telling it.

      You now KNOW that you are moving in the direction that you want to.

      That's why I don't like the scale as an absolute for girls. Girls have extra body fat in certain places (boobs & butt) so a girl with a bigger chest will weigh more then a girl with a smaller one.

      They retain water once a month.

      The true measure is your cloths, diet & exercise.

    • I'm not sure how much time you have given this toning. It takes time.

      @ 22 you will tone up quickly.

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  • Weight is a lousy measure, and always has been. You can lose weight but if you're looking for a tight, toned body, losing weight doesn't automatically bring that.

    It actually sounds like you're doing the right things: running will build your leg muscles and keeps your heart-rate up which helps you burn fat all over. Squats will help too, but also do some crunches to work on the stomach.

    You do NOT need a gym membership to lose weight and get toned! Not even close.

    It's really important to remember that you aren't going to get everything overnight either. You are seeing weight come off, and you are surely building some muscle too, so you are losing more "fat" weight than it seems because some of it is being replaced by denser muscle. Keep doing what you're doing, and you'll continue to lose the fat, and your muscles will continue to grow and gain tone, slowly, the healthy way. Don't be discouraged because you aren't getting the quick results of a crash diet, because that never lasts. Slow and steady is the right way.

    • yea, I guess I should be more patient.

      I've only started strictly dieting about 2 months ago.

  • Building muscle will help.

    Building muscle is best done via heavy resistance work.

    Look up progressions to pistols for your legs, lunges are probably better then squats without weight. But if you can get something heavy to do lunges with, that would help. Like, I don't know, a younger sibling on your back :p.

    crunches/planks etc for core will help.

    But find something heavy to hold while doing lunges/squats is best. Note that heavy doesn't mean like 15 lbs. It means _heavy_.

    • thanks...i'll try looking that up on Youtube :)

  • basically weight loss can mean two different things

    A) it can mean losing weight overall

    B) it can mean you are losing weight and gaining muscle for example if a fat person was running they would lose weight and gain muscle however if someone who was already skinny was running they would likely gain wait because muscle weighs more than fat that is why in my opinion scales are useless

    C) some ways you can gain muscle without a gym membership are things like sit ups, push ups and if you dont mind spending a little money some weights and pull ups sites like bodybuilding. com work for me but i dont know if they would work for girls being that they often will target a different audience


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  • You could always try Pilates, it's great for toning and shaping your body in all areas. You can find a specific exercise if you want to concentrate on one area. I used the DVD's for quite a while along with drinking green tea every day and seen really great results with my figure. The DVD's are really cheap or you can look them up on YouTube.

    • yea, I'll try that. thanks.

  • Well I'm not sure if it's quite the same but I had a similar problem after I gained weight after quiting gymnastics.

    For me it was that I gained more weight on my waist than on my hips, so my entire waist definition was pretty much gone. It's just the way your body stores fat. I'm sure if you lose more weight you will look better again.

    First off you should tell us what you problem area is, there are great videos on YouTube , I can send a few links that focus on a particular area. Like for me more waist definition so I worked out my waist a bit more and after a couple of months I saw good results.

    If you just want to get toned in general, if you can get resistance band that help a lot, because you can do amazing things with them home without joining any gym

  • Sweetie, you need to tone as well as lose weight. You lose weight, but then your skin will be all stretched out from where that fat used to be. You need to tone it all up. :) Give it some time.