I never knew what I was looking for in a person until I met her

Met her at work about 3 months ago and immediately hit it off. she and I became very close very quickly and it seems as though we share many ideas, thoughts, and mannerisms and through some conversations we seem to feed each other energy. she has paid me what she considers the highest compliment she can give someone, stating that I exhibit many qualities of her sibling whom she absolutely adores. I won't get into nitty gritty details but we definitely share an affinity for each other.

she has a live in boyfriend of about 3 years whom she seems to be happy with. if they've had any problems I haven't heard about them yet. (in general she doesn't talk to me about him exessively)

I've shared stories with her about how sweet I can be to the person I'm with and I'm starting to exhibit sweetness toward her. is this the right course of action though? would it be better to just keep it as it is considering the circumstances? I wouldn't want to do a reveal and we end up feeling awkward around each other. then again I wouldn't want to be dismissed as a possible option, that is if I'm even considered an option should things not work out with her bf in the future.

I know, I shouldn't even be considering this because she has a bf but it's one of those things where I never knew what I was looking for in a person until I met her.

Changing the wording of the 'sibling' comment. specifically I remind her of her younger sister in her energy, likes, humor and general oddities. (drinking half and half shots for example). so it's not a brother figure, more like I'm as unique as her sis.


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  • Unfortunately, you've found the right one for yourself, but she views you as a sibling--literally! Judging by her words, dating you would be like dating her own brother. That means you're a very good friend.

    If she hasn't spoken much about her boyfriend, it probably means that things are going well, especially since she would trust a friend with that information. Don't share with her your true feelings, because it will likely ruin the relationship, especially because you work with her.

    At least you know that people like her exist, so you'll know what to look for in another potential partner.

  • This is a tough question, but I wouldn't reveal your feelings to her yet because she has not made it clear whether she reciprocates. She has said you exhibit qualities of her older siblings, which means she probably sees you as a friend or possibly an older brother figure.

    If I were you I would not want to ruin your friendship with her, and to give her a chance to make her mind. At least now you know what you are looking for in a woman and you can start looking for yourself. Also, if she does want you and sees you meeting other women, she might decide that she wants you for herself.

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