Am I superficial? please help it could change a lot for me

Hes my best friend, he's the sweetest guy alive. He makes me so happy, we talk everyday and make each other so happy. Its obvious we both sort of have something for each other. We get all annoyed when either of us bring up another person we won't admit it. Only problem, he's about 5ft and I'm 5'7. I love tall guys more than anything, is it worth it? its nice, we're only in 10th grade he's supposed to be 5'10 by the end of high school. We always make jokes how when he gets my height we're gonna go out right away.. you can tell he'd date me right now if he had the chance and I'd admit to liking him, am I mean won't show my real emotions for someone I adore just there physical appearance is stopping me. I talked to my mom about it, she said its gonna be better because will have a good bond together when he gets taller and when were older the bond will be stronger when a relationship really matters. But am I mean leading on the guy who means a lot to me? But is it smart to wait? When I think of a guy I'd want to be with I think of a guy just like him he's just perfect.


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  • If you lost your eyesight in a horrible accident, would it matter to you how tall he is?

    Do you think for one moment if you had lost your eyesight he wouldn't be there to scoop up the pieces and do anything you needed?

    Love doesn't need eyesight, it sees through everything. You've already answered your own question.

  • If he's 5' at 15 I doubt he'll be 5'10" by 18. Because girl's grow earlier there's a stage from 12-15 when girls are often the taller of the two in a relationship. If you like him as much as you say try to look past the height issue and see if you can make it work.


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